Hydro Seeding

Hydro seedng is the process of pre-mixing seed, fertilizer, fiber mulch and water and then using a pressurized application onto designated areas of your lawn. By encapsulating the seed within water-retaining mulch before it is applied, the seed is given a “jump start” in the growth cycle, resulting in uniform distribution, faster germination and fuller, more plush lawns.

American Lawn's hydroseeding process combines premium Bermuda and Rye seeds into a rich mixture. The ground is prepared with topsoil and erosion control and then the mixture is distributed evenly with a pressurized "spreader". Each tank covers a relatively large area of 6,600 square feet. Americn Lawn personnel are highly trained in this process and the results for our clients are always exemplary.


After applied, the ground needs to be watered frequently for the seed to grow. We can offer this additional maintenance service using our specialized watering equipment for a few weeks until the grass begins to grow and thrive. We also reccomend our professionaly designed and installed automatic irrigation systems.

Benefits of Hydroseeding with American Lawn

Hydroseeding has distinct advantages over traditional hand-seeding because of its ability to provide the fragile seedlings with an optimum environment resulting in maximum germination. This process not only protects the seedlings from environmental hazards, but also supports water retention.

  • Protection from wind and rain
  • Reduces germination time by pre-soaking seeds
  • Reduces soil preparation and seeding labor costs
  • Releases nutrients immediately using water soluble fertilizer
  • Ensures an even spread and maximum germination of seeds
  • Protection from birds by supporting seeds in a protective mat
  • Guarantees seed-to-soil contact for maximizing germination
  • Increases water retention by shielding soil from direct sunlight
  • Protection from the sun which can dry, crack, and kill seeds
  • Hydromulch decomposes into healthy organic matter for your new lawn

Please contact our offices to discuss how American Lawn can best serve your business and residential lawn care needs.



Please contact our offices to discuss how American Lawn can serve your business and residential lawn care needs.